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a numerical expression representing the efficiency of a given system, material, or procedure

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The obtained figures of merit suggest the performance of the standard liquid scintillator NE 213 and the new plastic scintillator are comparable.
To investigate the effect of the numbers of scans on the figures of merit, slides were divided into three categories of use (see Table 2).
To analyze the impairments due to nonlinear distortion, the error vector magnitude (EVM) and error vector phase are the figures of merit used.
Figures of merit can provide a gauge for material performance when there are multiple properties that need to be balanced.
We begin with a review of some methodological issues concerning strategic behavior and describe some figures of merit that arise naturally from scheduling theory in the form of scheduling criteria.
Commercially available microwave receivers have typical figures of merit in the range of -25 to -10.
In this regard the chapter headed analysis covers instrumental requirements, calibration strategies, figures of merit and four pages, only, on applications.
After comparing the figures of merit for a number of different materials, the researchers concluded that optical glasses are the clear choice for optical switches.
In order to help engineers choose an appropriate design for a bioreactor, Kadic and Heindel survey relevant gas-liquid and gas-liquid-solid bioreactors; define the respective bioreactor pros, cons, hydrodynamic considerations, and gas-liquid mass transfer correlations; and identify research needs and figures of merit that have yet to be addressed.
Compared to silicon-based technology platforms, this GaN platform improves application-specific figures of merit (FOM) up to a factor of ten.
He establishes the rationale for liquid cooling, assesses liquids in terms of figures of merit for convection heat transfer, and reviews the fundamentals.
Featuring IR's latest generation MOSFET silicon technology, the IRF6706S2PbF and IRF6798MPbF 25V chipset combines industry leading Figures of Merit (FOM) with the superior switching and thermal characteristics of the DirectFET package to provide a solution optimized for high frequency DC-DC switching applications.
Ultimately, MULTI2DSWITCH aims at developing high-performance flexible multifunctional optoelectronic devices with figures of merit greatly surpassing those of the corresponding state-of-the-art organic devices.
International Rectifier Corporation announced the successful development of a reolutionary gallium nitride (GaN)-based power device technology platform that it claims will provide customers with improvements in key application-specific figures of merit (FOM) of up to a factor of 10 compared to state-of-the-art silicon-based technology platforms in end applications in a variety of market segments, such as computing and communications, automotive, and appliances.