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ice skating where the skates trace outlines of selected figures

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Michelle Kwan, center, could be crowned the queen of the Olympics if she can win the ladies' figure-skating gold medal.
In fact, Beacom has completely liberated the actual technique of skating from balletic conventions of posture and body line, which the figure-skating world has always embraced without question.
In other words, unless you are the pairs figure-skating tandem of Tiffany Scott and Philip Dulebohn.
Figure Skating Championships will be used to establish an Amateur Athletic Skating Foundation that will benefit the region's figure-skating community and area youth programs.
This week at the Sports Arena and Staples Center, figure-skating fans not only can get a look at who they will be cheering for in next month's Winter Olympics, but also the possible American stars of the 2006 Games, as 151 skaters will compete at the junior and novice levels.
My parents said it was a fad and that I'd be over it soon, but then I brought home some papers from school to sign up for figure-skating lessons.
Yet, quietly, SoCal reigns as the figure-skating capital of the country.
Kwan could have written by rote the story of her disappointing second-place finish to Tara Lipinski in the 1998 Olympic ladies figure-skating competition and how she looked forward to competing for the gold medal that had eluded her when the Winter Olympics convene again, in Salt Lake City three years hence.
Some details need to be worked out, including ticket pricing, he said, adding that admission will be priced to bring in the average figure-skating fan.