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a knot having the shape of the numeral 8


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RECKLESS: The figure-of-eight tracks on the bailey at Castle Hill, Almondbury, and Julian Brown, the Castle Hill ranger, below
I thought I had solved that problem when I proposed the introduction of traffic lights at the crossover of the figure-of-eight, with the right-of-way automatically going to whoever was leading at the time but to judge from the shape of the London 2012 track, this suggestion has been ignored.
44%) isolated on-pump coronary artery bypass surgery (CABG) cases that developed dehiscence were analyzed with Student's t test, Mann Whitney U test, Chi-square test and Fisher's Exact test according to the type of sternal closure: figure-of-eight or simple wire technique.
FAVOURITE Brave Spirit took the Tizzard family to National glory as their up-and-coming chaser dealt with Fontwell's tricky figure-of-eight track once again.
But Button will focus on the positives in the final round at Suzuka and aims to continue his good record at the figure-of-eight track.
Course specialist The Newsman is napped to record his seventh victory around Fontwell Park's unique figure-of-eight circuit.
The cycle track is in a figure-of-eight shape and lined with bark.
This area was subsequently filled with a series of figure-of-eight structures (c.
The familiar twisted figure-of-eight whose one continuous side appears to be two sides is appropriated by van Berkel and Bos as a theoretical template to convey how two people can live together yet apart, meeting at certain points which become shared spaces.
20 to a pounds 1 level stake in such races at the figure-of-eight track.
Also available are a Thomas the Tank Engine motorised ride-on (pounds 119) with figure-of-eight track (pounds 40); Polaris Sportsman 400 car (pounds 130); and Polaris 400 Dragonfly car (pounds 65).
Pembrokeshire's first randonneur tomorrow will be based on a demanding 100km figure-of-eight centred on Newport.
Islington council paid for 80 caretakers to take the class, which included tips on using a figure-of-eight action.
Use soft garden twine and a figure-of-eight tie to keep the stem away from the support and stop it rubbing.
In Egypt, this particular borer has been discovered at Hierakonpolis, a site associated with late predynastic and early dynastic stone vessel production (Quibell & Green 1902: plate LXII, 6) (FIGURE 1b); Mesopotamian figure-of-eight shaped stone borers were discovered by Woolley at Ur (Woolley 1955: 75, figure 15b) (FIGURE 1c).