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ice skating where the skates trace outlines of selected figures

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The PyeongChang Olympics was a turning point for figure skater Kim Ha-nul.
But after the pullout of Swedish figure skater Alexander Majorov, he was given the last quota spot and earned his ticket to PyeongChang.
In comparison, Tennell's status as a skater is less experienced going into her Olympics as opposed to other first-time American women figure skaters.
Korean figure skater Kim Haejin believes the growing interest in the sport would make the Philippines a regular participant in the Winter Olympics.
It noted the intricate headbands of some figure skaters, tutus inspired by the Black Swan as among what made some of the ice gods and goddesses stand out sartorially from the rest of the skaters.
Figure skater Genevieve, who received the cash from the Arts and Sports Trust, certainly has that rink of confidence.
ON THE ICE: Young figure skaters Lauren Mackley, Cara McGorman, Ellie Rook and Cerys Crowe prepare for the gala
He said figure skaters don't often get a chance to perform outside.
BEIRUT: Beirut Souks opened the city's first outdoor ice skating rink Thursday with a performance by local figure skaters who twirled and jumped for spectators on the newly laid ice under spotlights and igloo decorations.
Junior figure skaters compete in the disciplines of men's singles, ladies's single, pair skating and ice dancing.
More studies about possible increasing prevalence of stress fractures in figure skaters and contributing factors are lacking (Dubravcic-Simunjak et al.
He's one of the world's most gifted figure skaters, and when it comes to shocking the bourgeoisie, one of the fiercest.
Heder and Will Ferrell play rival figure skaters in ``Blades'' who brawl at the end of one heated competition, resulting in a ban from singles skating.
Written by a Russian-trained dancer, teacher, and choreographer, Ballet Secrets for Skaters: How to Hone Your Artistic Competitive Edge is a valuable guide for figure skaters, coaches, dance teachers, and skating enthusiasts of all ages and ability levels.