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ice skating where the skates trace outlines of selected figures

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ON THE ICE: Young figure skaters Lauren Mackley, Cara McGorman, Ellie Rook and Cerys Crowe prepare for the gala
He said figure skaters don't often get a chance to perform outside.
Besides following the medal tally at the ongoing Sochi Winter Olympics in Russia, sports pundits are also observing the costumes of figure skaters.
Figure skater Genevieve, who received the cash from the Arts and Sports Trust, certainly has that rink of confidence.
BEIRUT: Beirut Souks opened the city's first outdoor ice skating rink Thursday with a performance by local figure skaters who twirled and jumped for spectators on the newly laid ice under spotlights and igloo decorations.
Finally, the search referrals tell an interesting story of the individual athletes, with skier Lindsey Vonn, snowboard phenomenon Shaun White and widely-popular figure skaters Johnny Weir and Joannie Rochette leading the way.
8%) figure skaters reported a stress fracture, which had occurred in the last years of their skating career.
There will also be a permanent ice rink next to the arena for junior teams, figure skaters, disabled hockey teams and recreational skaters.
Written by a Russian-trained dancer, teacher, and choreographer, Ballet Secrets for Skaters: How to Hone Your Artistic Competitive Edge is a valuable guide for figure skaters, coaches, dance teachers, and skating enthusiasts of all ages and ability levels.
The researchers assessed the nutritional status of female competitive figure skaters during pre-season, competitive season, and offseason.
However, the high point was reached not with the bathing beauties or cross-dressing comedy, but with the pas de deux between Arbuzova and Alexey Turko, who dazzled in the tradition of soulful Russian figure skaters.
The biggest story of January was a fairy tale about two figure skaters, one the Wicked Witch of the West, the other a cross between Dorothy and the Good Witch.
On a cloudy and cold afternoon in January, Alicia Zeitz and Nicholas Zmuda, two Special Olympics figure skaters, lit up the famous ice-skating rink at Rockefeller Center in New York City.
It's the same principle used by twirling figure skaters when they perform their routines by pulling their arms close to their body.
Mexico's 1992 Winter Olympic team is made up of 10 Alpine skiers, one cross-country skier, two figure skaters and 10 bobsledders.