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a leaf from a fig tree

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a covering consisting of anything intended to conceal something regarded as shameful

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All the so-called safeguards in this latest scheme are just a figleaf for an unwarranted extension.
The government used 'practical reconciliation' as a figleaf term for a process of official neglect and the beginnings of a policy of population transfer from remote areas, and then pretty much dropped it altogether.
The presumptive Republican candidate for governor says plainly that he is opposed to the Loan Shark Figleaf of 1999 and would work with the Arkansas Legislature to put an end to predatory lending in Arkansas.
GUTTED: Roberto; GREAT FIG-URE: Orlaith shows off her curves in her figleaf bikini; ON THE CATWALK: Orlaith at work as a model; FLASHY: Kinga gets it off her chest
The 'public interest' which is usually cited in defence of such stories is often no more than what he rightly calls a figleaf for a sales-winning exercise.
I simply want to suggest that for most of the people who express these views this diversity rationale is no more than a convenient figleaf, and one that they often forget to wear.
A Labour spokesman said when the comments were made public: 'This is a pretty crass attempt to brand English people moving into rural Wales as racists, hiding behind the figleaf that this is what people say.
This philosophy, which is shallow, evil, and stupid in equal measure, is an intellectual figleaf to conceal the most uncompromising whimsicality and lack of restraint.
This seems to be an attempt to use statistical subtleties as a figleaf for increasing income taxes and cutting retirement benefits.
He had been defeated by the very conflict that had served as the figleaf with which he had attempted to cover his ambition for power.
H mbers them now, with good re phoney-baloney, a figleaf hide his gut resistance to the His obstinacy prevailed, and though I hate to admit it, we are better off for his muleish intransigence.
It featured the alternative bookshop Ultima Thule, and outlets called Scene, Blaise, Figleaf, Target, Beautique, Suzy's, Pot, Kaleidoscope, Muffin, Object and Witches.
The standard figleaf of the human resources brigade.
Their figleaf is to offer a voluntary carbon offset scheme to cover their flights - even though the influential Parliamentary Environmental Audit Committee has just noted that voluntary off-setting will have almost no effect.
The Terry Wogan fan entered the house in week five after spending three days in the Secret Garden with Orlaith and Kinga, wearing nothing but a figleaf.