Joseph Hooker

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United States general in the Union Army who was defeated at Chancellorsville by Robert E

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ROY JONES JR is so freaked out about fighting Joe Calzaghe that the Welsh boxer is even appearing in his dreams.
We have an interest in fighting Joe - because we know we'd knock him out.
IN HIS prime he was one of Wales' greatest-ever boxers, memorably fighting Joe Louis for the heavyweight championship of the world.
I'm still not convinced how serious they are about fighting Joe and as such I'll be asking for money up front before Joe goes into training camp.
We're very interested in fighting Joe Calzaghe near the end of the year, some time in the fall.
When I tell people I'm fighting Joe Calzaghe, they say, 'Who's that?
I love a challenge and I know fighting Joe Calzaghe would be that," he said.