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Hence the skillful fighter puts himself into a position which makes defeat impossible, and does not miss the moment for defeating the enemy.
Keeping to one side of the trail, the ape-man came presently to a point where he could look down in comparative safety upon the fighters.
The name was well known to Gahan, who had heard the man spoken of on his last visit to Helium, and his mysterious disappearance discussed as well as his renown as a fighter.
asked Turan; "but if you be such a fighter as you say no position could suit you better than that of Flier.
For the ultimate force in the universe of these fighters and their poets (in spite of certain Christian touches inserted by later poetic editors before the poem crystallized into its present form) is Wyrd, the Fate of the Germanic peoples, cold as their own winters and the bleak northern sea, irresistible, despotic, and unmoved by sympathy for man.
Or, Beowulf may really have been a great human fighter who actually killed some especially formidable wild beasts, and whose superhuman strength in the poem results, through the similarity of names, from his being confused with Beowa.
How then will he who takes up a shield or other implement of war become a good fighter all in a day, whether with heavy-armed or any other kind of troops?
Possibly you will wonder that Tarzan of the Apes, mighty fighter that he was, should have fled before the irritable attack of a she, or that he should hesitate to return for the satisfaction of his curiosity when with ease he might have vanquished the weakened mother of the new-born cub; but you need not wonder.
But to the fighter equally hateful as to the victor, is your grinning death which stealeth nigh like a thief,--and yet cometh as master.
We were in Europe playing some festivals with the Foo Fighters and Neil Young, and I got to know Dave a bit and found out that their drummer had quit.
ISI's staff of professional mixed martial arts fighters, active and former military and law enforcement experts conduct training adventure camps and leadership/team building camps as well as organize and host VIP experiences at mixed martial arts events.
He played a major role in the Navy's firs t supersonic carrier fighters, including the Vought F8U (F-8) Crusader day fighter, along with both heavy and light jet carrier attack aircraft and early shipboard-based helicopters.
The president of the organization representing the nation's professional fire fighters today joined Democratic vice presidential nominee Joe Lieberman in criticizing Dick Cheney's congressional votes against death benefits for families of fire fighters killed in the line of duty.
He is the Jerry Maguire of this sport and works with an impressive list of rising fighters he plans to have on hand to audition including TUF/UFC fighters Alex Karalexis, Josh Burkman, Nate Quarry, Chris Leben and Tyson Griffin.
Northrop Grumman assembles the center fuselage section in Palmdale and Lockheed Martin Aeronautics Company builds parts for the fighters.