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In this new program, a "modernization kit" will be developed to renew a critical radar processing system on hundreds of F-16 fighter planes.
AVIATION EXPO: Fighter planes, sky divers and stunt pilots will be soaring in the air, while retired military planes will allow hands-on viewing and also a flight simulator on the ground at Van Nuys Airport's 75th anniversary festival.
Some of the products we manufacture are components used in F-16 Fighter Planes, electronic marquee signs, industrial control equipment, flow measurement equipment (pipelines), emergency vehicle systems, prisoner tracking systems, wireless controlled irrigation systems and data terminals.
Monday's services, led by master of ceremonies Todd Donoho, included flyovers by a squadron of World War II fighter planes and two F-16s, and addresses from military veterans and local officials.
Lanza also noted that the addition of Electrodynamics' display business enables L-3 Communications to have more display content in the cockpit of helicopters and fighter planes.
Set against the backdrop of a variety of World War II Flying Tiger and other fighter planes mounted outside the restaurant, job seekers lined up to speak with representatives of 65 employers seeking applicants for 2,000 jobs.
European Air War gives players the chance to fly 20 historical fighter planes for the American, British or German air forces including the famous P-51 Mustang, Messerschmitt and Spitfire.
Scaled Composites employees are used to building famed aircraft designer Burt Rutan's one-of-a-kind exotic fighter planes or high-altitude surveillance craft, but they are very proud of working on Gandhara, Melvill said.
and are now being marketed for use in fighter planes and to hospitals as a replacement for x-ray film.
We cry,'' said Mel Gooch, 74, of Claremont, ogling one of the last remaining P-38 Lightning fighter planes he piloted in the waning days of World War II.
Just before the event, World War II-era fighter planes passed in formation overhead.
Everyone always gathers around her and wants to know what it feels like, being up there flying one of those fighter planes,'' Dirstine said.
21, flying in two F-15 Eagle fighter planes to break the sound barrier.
The two losses, combined with earlier hits, means that by the Pentagon's count Milosevic has already lost a third of his premier air armada of 15 MiG-29s, highly rated Soviet fighter planes designed for both air-to-air and air-to-ground combat.
The US made F-104 fighter plane flown by PAF pilot to repulse Indian attack synchronized by three other Indian fighter planes is also on display at Karachi's PAF museum.