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The deal for the fighter plane under the MMRCA programme will all be sewn up when Putin meets his Indian mediaters at the highest level on the 1st of November in New Delhi's Hyderabad House.
She has worked on the subject of fighter planes before but has also done a performance project based on the nude in art.
In a rented space in TriBeCa, "Parade" took on the military, specifically all of the world's fighter planes, while the subject under consideration at the gallery's West Village quarters was the nude, specifically the problem of its verbal approximation.
Now aged 89,he is interviewed on the Channel Five programme, Fighter Plane Dig .
Was all of this, one wonders, a Tom Clancy-like scheme for the Forest Service to covertly move fighter planes from the military into the CIA?
reconnaissance plane and a Chinese fighter plane is ''not understandable,'' Shigeru Ishiba, parliamentary vice minister for Japan's Defense Agency, said Thursday.
Recently, Putin climbed aboard a Russian fighter plane while campaigning.
The fighter plane crashed into the Sea of Japan and one crew member activated the emergency escape system and was safely rescued.
It spies on us, runs into our fighter plane, kills the pilot, then refuses to apologize.
Thirty-eight Marine pilots got the chance of a lifetime when they reunited with a former love--their fighter plane.
India successfully flew Thursday its first indigenously developed multi-role fighter plane from the southern city of Bangalore after years of delay in its development and design.
The Spitfire, the great fighter plane that played the crucial role in the Battle of Britain victory, had a deep association with the West Midlands.
ISTANBAUL, April 13 (KUNA) -- Two Turkish F-16 jet fighters forced a Syrian fighter plane MIG-23 out of Turkish airspace, the Army Command said on Sunday.
A RAF fighter plane flew upside-down just yards from a Scottish school - with the blessing of air chiefs.
of San Diego, California to sell the exclusive marketing and manufacturing rights for the Advanced Targeting Forward Looking Infrared (AT-FLIR) advanced imaging system for the F-18 fighter plane and other aerospace and military programs.