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The T-34 is ideally suited for this operation because the military-surplus airplane has the look and feel of a fighter airplane but the gentle handling and forgiving nature of the civilian Beech Bonanza on which it was based.
Two years ago, nobody would have said Boeing is a company that is likely to build a fighter airplane,'' Augustine said.
According to a War Department Table of Organization and Equipment from late December 1943, the number of fighter airplanes per squadron is given as 25.
Early Soviet Jet Fighters is a reference of encyclopedic depth, filled to the brim with information about the development, history, and technical specifications of the first Soviet jet fighter airplanes, up through the mid-1940's.
Leaders of smaller air forces have raised concerns that they could be priced out of flying fighter airplanes by growing acquisition and operational costs, and countries that once fielded large forces now acknowledge that they will fail to cover all their historic missions as they move to the Joint Strike Fighter (JSF).
Taking inspiration from cockpits of fighter airplanes, the controls are ergonomically grouped by function.
I point out that the record shows that fighter airplanes were anywhere from 18 to 30 minutes away from that scene [and] that the plane flew into the ground at nearly 580 miles an hour.