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the finger farthest from the thumb

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Palpation of the elbow reveals tenderness over the ulna nerve and a positive Tinel sign over the elbow will cause paraesthesia in the fifth finger.
Australia physiotherapist Alex Kountouris said: "Ricky Ponting had a repeat x-ray after the fourth Test, which showed evidence that the fracture of his fifth finger has moved during the course of the Melbourne Test.
Furthermore, variable anomalies of the hands and feet, such as duplicated terminal phalanx of the thumb, triphalangeal thumb (long finger-like thumb with three phalanges instead of two), preaxial polydactyly (thumb duplication), syndactyly (fusion) of the second and third digits, and fifth finger clinodactyly (curving of the fifth finger towards the fourth) have also be seen in cases with LADD [Guven et al.
It sounds like you have damaged your Ulnar Nerve which is one of the main nerves in the arm and controls movement of the muscles that move the fingers and sensation in the fifth finger and half of the fourth finger.
At the same time Nestle has launched a limited-edition five-finger Kit Kat with the fifth finger free.
He argues that both notes should be played with the fifth finger, a somewhat trickier fingering that nonetheless allows for clearer articulation of the motive.
I cannot grip the club properly because I cannot use any strength with my fifth finger.
Ricky Ponting also had minor surgery to remove screws that were placed to stabilise his fractured left fifth finger in January," the physiotherapist said.
I've broken a small bone at the base of the fifth finger.
Address large stretches between the thumb and fifth finger as well as stretches between inner fingers of the hand, such as full first inversion chords and seventh chords.
You're fit and healthy, do muscle-building exercises at the gym and you have a tingling sensation in your fourth and fifth fingers.
7%) had a structural malformation, including hypoplastic nails and shortened fifth fingers, microtia with and without cleft lip and palate, and a death in a neonate with microtia and other malformations.