Ten Commandments

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the biblical commandments of Moses


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Included under the Fifth Commandment is the sin of drunkenness which is common today.
The rationale of the Fifth Commandment, 'Thou shall not kill (Ex 20:13),' is clear.
Discussing the moral questions under the fifth commandment, there is an extensive discussion on ecological ethics which is most relevant to modern problems including ethical implications of space exploration and eco-feminism.
Many children only begin to fulfill the fifth commandment in all its ramifications in their adulthood, when their aging parents need help.
We had 20 winners together last year with the likes of Fifth Commandment and Lang Shining.
The fifth commandment protects all those who cannot protect themselves.
In the Hebrew and the Roman Catholic Bibles, it is listed as the Fifth Commandment.
n (1966), Rabbi Heschel suggests that we highlight the fifth commandment when he says that it is our supreme educational duty to teach reverence: "The heart of the Ten Commandments is to be found in the words: 'Revere thy father and thy mother.
Eased in grade, Hughes always had her in close proximity to the long-time leader Fifth Commandment before unleashing his mount in the closing stages.
It is a portrait of a man whose early works helped define modernity, yet who vocally espoused an anti-democratic, primitivistic philosophy; a man so hypersensitive he was forced to make an oath to his second wife to stop writing in the first person; a man who, instead of attending his mother's funeral, spent his ostensible mourning period composing a vehement attack on the fifth commandment .
Concerning the affirmations of the first tablet, which concern primarily our relationship to God, the mitzvot bein adam la-Makom [religious obligations to God], the same method of interpretation can be applied, though the Fifth Commandment (honor your father and mother) may also belong to the ethical commandments of the second tablet.
The fifth Commandment has a great deal to say to those children when it states "Honour your father and mother.
Simon Webbe, pictured, was back in Birmingham to talk about his latest project, the film The Fifth Commandment, released on DVD.
Rick wrote, produced and stars in the martial arts action filmThe Fifth Commandment, released on DVD tomorrow.
She writes of her struggle to understand the fifth commandment to honour her father and mother--one who abused her, while the other colluded through silence: "As the years went by, the weight of the commandment bent me low .