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Synonyms for fiesta

Synonyms for fiesta

an elaborate party (often outdoors)


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Canoga Park; La Fiesta, featuring music, dance, games, raffles, food, 11 a.
Ford Fiesta looks to defend its Rally Car Racing title when it returns to ESPN's X Games 16
Three local Detroit artists will be on-site creating Fiesta-inspired art that they will paint onto Fiestas during the course of the three-day festival.
Ford is launching the all-new 2011 Ford Fiesta with a broad-reaching advertising campaign built around the theme, "It's a pretty big deal"
THE Ford Fiesta has become the UK's best-selling car of all time with total sales topping 4,115,000.
Arguably, the most stylish and versatile of Fiestas is the hatchback, which was the test model and a comfortable size for driving in the city.
Ford has sold more than 15 million Fiestas worldwide since the vehicle first went into production in 1976 and it has been the topselling small car in Europe for three out of the past four years.
Ford introduces 2014 Fiesta through the unique voices and content of 100 social influencers, making it Ford's first completely user-generated campaign
FORD'S popular Fiesta and Focus models remain the two top selling new cars in England, according to latest sales figures.
Priced at NT$588,000 (US$19,600) in Taiwan, these four-door Fiestas, says Ford Lio Ho, adopt totally different drivetrains from counterparts made in China.
The worldwide production of Ford Fiesta, a small car model from US automaker Ford, reached 15 million during the year which also saw the car marking its 35th anniversary.
THE all-new Ford Fiesta is not just the most dramatic and distinctive ever, it also marks a significant landmark in Ford's history as the first model to be developed for customers around the world as a template for the company's future generations of global vehicles.
Such have been the advances in engine technology that it would take 50 new Fiestas to match the CO2 emissions of just one of the early models from 1976.
As a child growing up in the barrios of west Caracas, Venezuela, during the 1950s, Williams Ochoa heard the elders describe the religious fiestas that took place in the rural provinces.
One bizarre statistic is that if each of those Fiestas were to be placed on top of each other they would be 500 times higher than Mount Everest.