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Synonyms for fiend

Synonyms for fiend

a perversely bad, cruel, or wicked person

a person who is ardently devoted to a particular subject or activity

Synonyms for fiend

a cruel wicked and inhuman person

an evil supernatural being

a person motivated by irrational enthusiasm (as for a cause)

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TODD: Save me, save me, on every side, from every quarter they range like fearful fiendlike apes, they move and grin at me, mercy, mercy, I dare not expect none --I show'd none, see the Shop, the Parlour, passes round me in quick and bleeding succession--the trap door yearns, numbers of hideous faces are looking upon me, save me, save me, save me, and in mercy forever visit my memory
And fear not only because of this fiendlike murderer, but receive the death, even as your brothers did, that I may again receive you in blessedness with them'.
We lament to find that those infamous wretches, the wreckers, have been at their fiendlike occupation, both on the Lancashire and Cheshire shores, plundering what the elements spared, instead of seeking to alleviate the sufferings of their fellow creatures.