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the area that a weapon or group of weapons can cover effectively with gun fire from a given position

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Notholt writes with authority, but Fields of Fire is far from being 'dry' or overly academic, and the writing style is clear, concise and engaging.
Taken from the album Through A Big Country: The Greatest Hits, Fields Of Fire was a Top 10 hit in 1983.
However, it is his first novel, Fields of Fire, which sold 1 million copies, that is dearest to his heart.
Meanwhile, the clearing of the forest is opening up new fields of fire.
In 1978, he published his acclaimed novel Fields of Fire, which depicted the war as experienced on the level of foot soldiers.
Woods were often clearcut to provide fields of fire for the artillery.
The band, who have a massive back catalogue of hits including Fields of Fire and In A Big Country, head for a performance at Billingham's Forum Theatre next Friday night.
Tyco Fire & Security, which acts as a system integrator, actualizes turn-key projects in the business fields of fire prevention and firefighting, surveillance and security systems for public and private buildings, theft protection, traffic management and RFID.
The Crossing sold more than two million copies worldwide and spawned top 10 hits including Fields Of Fire and In A Big Country and helped turn the band into household names.
Before a filmed backdrop of countryside scenes and fireworks, the band were loud and tightly-arranged, with fans' favourites In a Big Country, Fields of Fire (400 Miles) and Look Away being afforded raucous sing-alongs.
Big Country: Fields of Fire - The Ultimate Collection (2CD) ***
It included 150 batteries of the best Soviet SAM missiles--three different types with interlocking fields of fire and different electronic guidance characteristics.
This Duerener Help for LE[micro]schgruppenfahrzeug (HLF) to his crew as a separate tactical unit in the train or the fulfillment of tasks in the fields of fire fighting, technical assistance and greater scope, first aid and rescue services is hazardous missions : can perform.
The shortlisted songs are Runrig's version of Loch Lomond, 500 Miles by the Proclaimers, Deacon Blue's Dignity, Caledonia by Dougie McLean and Big Country's Fields Of Fire.
Their second single, Fields of Fire, was a massive hit and they followed it up with a string of chart singles.