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an officer holding the highest rank in the army

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Returning home in 1959 with reels of microfilm and bundles of notes but no clear-cut problem in mind, I was relieved by Professor Mosely's invitation to edit the unpublished letters of Alexander II to Fieldmarshal Prince A.
If Mikhail Kits' Fieldmarshal Kutuzov did not erase memories of the Bolshoi's plush basses of yore, he sounded very much in their tradition when singing Kutuzov's great aria.
The scene on July 23, 1948, at Beaumaris Pier when Countess Howe, wife of the deputy chairman of the RNLI named the town's new lifeboat Fieldmarshal and Mrs Jan Smuts.
This led to the development of a Supreme Command, with General Foch as Fieldmarshal and Supreme Commander.
The Fieldmarshal was got up in full military uniform; the Chancellor was dressed in an ill-fitting morning-suit, carrying a top hat and looking like a poor caricature of Charlie Chaplin.