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a score in American football

a score in basketball made by throwing the ball through the hoop


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The game-related statistics gathered included: 2- and 3-point fieldgoals (both successful and unsuccessful), free-throws (both successful and unsuccessful), defensive and offensive rebounds, assists, blocks, fouls, steals, turnovers and minutes played.
It's 7-2 the Super Bowl is decided by a fieldgoal and 5-1 a kick-off is returned for a touchdown.
Teams can also score a fieldgoal,by kicking the ball between the posts in open play.
Moore made the tackle on the play, but ASU - playing behind backup quarterback Sam Keller - then drove into UCLA territory to set up a fieldgoal that left it ahead 13-10 at the break.
Thurston drove to the Willamette 14-yard line on its final drive and eventually faced fourth-and-nine at the Willamette 19-yard line, but the Colts missed a 36-yard fieldgoal attempt with 3:53 left in the game.