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an officer holding the highest rank in the army

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Many Egyptians, after the announcement, held demonstrations at public places expressing pleasure for the Field-Marshal nomination for the top post.
During the audience the envoy conveyed greetings and best wishes of President Field-Marshal Omar Hassan Ahmed al Bashir of the Republic of Sudan along with his wishes of good health, happiness and a long life to His Majesty and the Omani people further progress and prosperity under His Majesty's wise leadership.
A Study Based on the Diaries and Autobiographical Notes of Field-Marshal the Viscount Alanbrooke.
CAIRO, April 9 (KUNA) -- Chief of the Supreme Council of the Egyptian Armed Forces (SCAF) Field-Marshal Mohammad Hussein Tantawi on Monday said the armed forced keep their distance from all presidential hopefuls.
Sources: Robertson, Sir William, From Private to Field-Marshal.
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