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a dog trained to work with sportsmen when they hunt with guns

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The field-bred cocker has more energy than his show-bred relative.
RU-CHAR LINEAGE Back to those reminisces: Sam, my first field-bred springer, came one generation removed from the Ru-Char kennels, and he gave me a glimpse of our future when 6 months old.
Field-bred dogs are smaller, often more white than brown, and usually have tails docked at two-thirds length.
In his mid-70s, he is firm in that belief and, with his wife Barbara, still actively hunts with three field-bred English cocker spaniels.
Nevertheless, I have found that a 40- or 50-pound field-bred springer eats less than many of the larger breeds, hunts and retrieves like a demon and behaves in the house.
I ended up continuing the line of field-bred red-and-white cockers and the most important thing to me today is their health.
Six-month-old Primrose, a field-bred English cocker, does everything with an exclamation point, according to owner Kristen Neal of Union Grove, Wisconsin.
In general, if I'm going to do hard hunting, I'd choose a field-bred EC.
When I learned this, I remembered it was a column of his, "Don't Count Out the Irish," in the April, 1966 issue of Outdoor Lye, that helped me decide on a field-bred Irish setter for my first gun dog.
I stumbled into my first field-bred springer and was unbelievably lucky to get a Ru-Char that was great.
I have a 4-year-old spayed field-bred English springer spaniel that's had a nasal mucous issue for months.
This is where I usually say adamantly that gun dogs should be from field-bred stock.
IF YOU'VE BEEN reading this magazine for at least an issue or two, you know that my personal gun dogs have always been field-bred Irish setters.