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a group excursion (to a museum or the woods or some historic place) for firsthand examination

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Daden, which is based at Innovation Birmingham Campus, has secured the capital from the UK's innovation agency Innovate UK for its initiative called 'Virtual Field Trips as a Service'.
com announced new early learner materials for its Field Trip Library collection of virtual, online field trips.
A Bethel School District spokesman said the district plans to "reaffirm" its oversight field trip policy with district clubs and sports coaches, after a parent complained about the sleeping arrangement at a recent state chess tournament.
But to get them to your site, you first need to reach out to teachers and let them know that your site a) exists and b) offers exciting and educational field trips.
Virtual field trips take the form of "Google Hangouts on Air," which are live video conferences with up to 10 participant screens that are broadcast on Google+ and recorded to YouTube.
The grants will cover the additional expenses schools incur when arranging student field trips, including admission fees (including incremental workshops), transportation, substitute teacher fees and materials required for the experience.
Since the program's inception in October 2011, US Airways said it has helped more than 12,500 students attend field trips by providing USD 74,000 in assistance.
Vascellaro (curriculum development and children's literature, Bank Street College of Education) draws from research and his experiences teaching children and planning and leading field trips, to show how field trips help students make connections between the physical and social worlds, build on their natural desire to make sense of their environment, spark their imagination and stimulate questioning, use specific investigational skills, foster a classroom community, and enlarge their understanding, caring, and commitment through encountering the realities of others.
Travel Business Review-August 17, 2011--US Airways Offers New Field Trip FUNd Programme(C)2011] ENPublishing - http://www.
Heather Thompson, a foreign language teacher at the high school, asked School Committee members to approve a field trip during spring vacation next year to Athens and Rome for students in her Latin classes.
The Adipec field trips cover a number of the most interesting as an excellent chance to bring the forward thinking of the UAE industry to the forefront of global thinking.
Many of the field trips are for multiple days and all the chapters include detailed directions and tips for hiking and travel.
This paper reviews the benefits and drawbacks of off-campus (traditional) field trips and offers suggestions to a major instructional alternative that is an effective supplement to classroom instruction.
The member group known as 'Recess Monkey' have a newly debuted DVD, "Field Trips With Recess Monkey" in which they take the toe-tapping young viewer to four fun-filled locations in their hometown of Seattle, Washington for a total of 90 minutes of rollicking musical fun inspired by those elementary school field trips we all remember from our own collective childhoods.
TEENAGERS are dropping out of geography lessons because they aren't being taken away on field trips.