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To help us hear it for ourselves, their book includes an 18-track CD with examples of field hollers, work songs and sermons.
The strictly musical roots of the blues include field hollers, ragtime, work songs, minstrel show music, and pop songs.
THE BLUES begins with the journey from Africa to the Mississippi Delta -- where the music grew from field hollers, work songs and church choirs -- follows it up the Mississippi to the juke joints, house parties and recording studios of Memphis and Chicago, and ends with the emotional embrace of musicians all over the world.
Before the blues--as we know it--there was only field hollers and chants.
Morrison's representations of slave and ex-slave characters creating and performing African American music, from field hollers to early blues, registers the profound importance of improvisatory musical practices to the lives of those enslaved and those emerging from the trauma of bondage.
This handsome troupe of African American women, with its resident composer and drummer Junior "Gabu" Wedderburn, is a powerful ensemble that mixes rage with pathos, political aggression with droll humor, and field hollers with rhythmic chants.
He took our speech with the rich cadences of backwater blues and field hollers and transformed it into poetry that touches our soul.
were necessarily concentrated in the naked word and the naked gesture - in the field hollers, work-songs, and their accompanying rhythmic movements - in which gestated the embryo that would eventually emerge as the blues.
But they didn't bring the hum; they didn't bring the leader-call; they didn't bring the field hollers, because they didn't know them.