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movable artillery (other than antiaircraft) used by armies in the field (especially for direct support of front-line troops)

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The Model 555 is a darn nice field gun, but it had one minor foible in addition to the heavy lower trigger.
Sturdy monoblocks made from 4140 carbon steel are joined to hammer-formed barrels in 28-inch length for the field gun and 28- or 30-inch length for the sporting model.
The field gun sports a 6mm-wide finely matted rib while the sporting variant has a wider, 10mm rib.
But by December 1942 the Public Archives recorded that 305 field guns, 111 trench mortars, 217 machine guns as well as 85 19th-Century cannons had been returned for scrap.
The field guns were designed to send charges up high in the air and have them come down on the other side,'' DeNubilo said.
That 28 gauge 870 skeet gun I mentioned earlier is my normal field gun simply because I don't like carrying the heavier models hour after hour.
All the traditional elements of the tattoo are present again this year - from the Massed Bands, Parade of Standards and Field Gun Competition, to the Lone Piper and the spectacular Grand Finale, plus lots of family-friendly action.
The cadet field gun display, now an annual event in Nuneaton, has been made possible by the town's Rotary Club of Arbury, which presented the Ivan Davys Field Guns to the sea and air cadets in the town, in recognition of the close working relationship between the rotary club and the two cadet organisations.
Sea cadets from TS Vanquisher and air cadets from 121 (Nuneaton) Squadron ATC line up with the Ivan Davys Field Guns.
From the ground, the tanks were pounded by heavy artillery and light field guns.
These tubes look more like a plastic rainwater pipes than part of a military weapon, especially on the old field guns with their large-diameter carriage wheel I am sure these appendages were not used when the weapons were first made all those years ago and, as they look so out of place, I am intrigued to know the answer.
At Hillsborough Castle in Northern Ireland, obsolete 25-pounder field guns were given one last show.
With just 11 men, they managed to capture four field guns, two machine guns and 16 prisoners.
The display was made possible by the Rotary Club of Arbury, which recently presented the Ivan Davys Field Guns to the Sea and Air Cadet units.
They joined forces with youngsters from the Sea Cadet training ship Vanquisher to perform a Field Gun run at the Bramcote Barracks open day on Sunday, using scaled replicas of the equipment used by the Royal Navy at the Royal Tournament since 1912.