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an officer holding the rank of major or lieutenant colonel or colonel

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Again, this regulation correlates a warrant officer rank with that of a field grade officer.
As far back as 1997, MI was short over 300 field grade officers to fill its upper level billets.
Attributes most important to field grade officers differed slightly.
The brigade is versatile and can be augmented with field grade officers for advisory missions, he says.
I have been teaching On War to field grade officers since 2000.
One of the highlights of this job has been meeting with small groups of service men and women--from junior enlisted to company and field grade officers, from active duty to guard and reserves--without their chain of command present.
Senior NCOs and field grade officers will soon be required to take up a new language as part of their professional military training.
It also provides a definition of the officer educational system and its role in leader development, which is to provide the formal military educational foundation to company and field grade officers to prepare them for increased responsibilities and successful performance at the next higher level.
In Small Wars Journal, Morgan Smiley advises that augmenting these teams with field grade officers as the lead advisors creates cohesive teams with the rank and experience necessary to deal with Afghan leaders and mitigates a clumsy manning process by creating a force structure primarily focused on advising and enabling the Afghan National Security Forces (ANSF).
Company and field grade officers are assigned in a similar manner; however, after 1 year in a position or based on the internal operational needs of that installation, each subsequent duty position for that officer is managed internally by the commander.
Following our assignments as battalion executive officers and operations and training officers (S3s), we arrived at the Pentagon expecting what many other officers had warned us about--a giant, unyielding bureaucracy incapable of adapting to change and impervious to the efforts of individual field grade officers, no matter how hard they worked.
Combat experienced field grade officers, advised by knowledgeable civilian mangers, can make good acquisition decisions--but they must then be allowed to implement them.
This session vectored field grade officers and GS-14s.
I will appoint a SRAO as my representative in each region to coordinate and work with our acquisition leaders to ensure solid rotation plans to develop our junior and field grade officers.
It is also the location of the Staff College that trains field grade officers in staff operations.