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an officer holding the rank of major or lieutenant colonel or colonel

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Company commanders can reduce E-4 and below, and field grade (and above) commanders can reduce E-5 and E-6 by one rank.
Attributes most important to field grade officers differed slightly.
APDP certification levels range from level one to level three and are a key factor in matching field grade officers to acquisition-based positions.
Historically, the focus of assignments for MI/Br 35 field grade officers reflects a distinct command-centric focus.
Senior NCOs and field grade officers will soon be required to take up a new language as part of their professional military training.
Senior non-commissioned officers and field grade officers will soon be required to take up language training as part of their professional military training.
They offer two basic models, the Model 97 Premier Grade and the Model 83 in Premier Grade, Field Grade, Rimfire and Silhouette/Competition.
The instruction of 600 field grade Polish officers in different concepts, theories, cultures, and values will significantly contribute to integrating their thinking and methodologies with those of Western forces.
Outstanding Field Grade Officer: Maj Christopher Barker, United States Central Command Air Forces Contracting Division, Shaw Air Force Base, S.
This change directs one field grade officer to supervise the execution of training for both COBC and CMC3, which facilitated several changes to training.
As an officer advances into what is called the Field Grade ranks (the 12-18 year period of an officer's career), leadership/supervisor responsibilities supplant more task-oriented duties; personal and detailed technical knowledge atrophies, as does its importance.
The pilot, a field grade officer, parachuted to earth more than 10 miles west of where his $43 million radar-evading plane had crashed, 35 miles northwest of Belgrade.
Bob brings along with his military training as a field grade officer an established counter-terrorist expertise in Information Operations (IO)," said retired Army Colonel John Binkley, head of TSG's Special Operations Team.
It's a thin-walled, flush-mounted tube in the field grade and an extended, finger-tightening tube in the sporting grades.
Company and field grade officers are assigned in a similar manner; however, after 1 year in a position or based on the internal operational needs of that installation, each subsequent duty position for that officer is managed internally by the commander.