field-emission microscope

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electron microscope used to observe the surface structure of a solid

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The cold field emission microscope eliminates the conventional electron source that illuminates the sample.
The cold field emission microscope is connected to an x-ray analyzer that determines the chemical and physical structures of the plants, pests, biocontrol organisms, and pesticides.
After Marotta's nursery workers sprayed a copper fungicide, the scientists looked at leaf samples under the cold field emission microscope to study spray penetration of the leaf canopy.
The SIGMA, featuring the unique and proven GEMINI([R]) technology from Carl Zeiss, provides outstanding imaging and analytical results from a field emission microscope with the capability to handle all material types.
The innovative 8500 has been optimized for low-voltage imaging, extremely high surface contrast, and resolution typically found only in much larger and more expensive field emission microscopes.
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