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Because today's digital generation may be more stimulated by digital mobile devices than by traditional verbal and written presentations (Small & Vorgan, 2008), learning via QR-code-decoding on smartphones may more effectively motivate interest in learning about natural fauna than traditional field studies that use printed field guides.
Yates quickly notes that field studies will always be needed as a means of tying lab-based findings to real-world agricultural landscapes.
The first field method takes place in situ, in the exact location about which the text being studied was written, I term this method "place-based field studies," since it focuses on the particular places emphasized in environmental texts.
A Spanish Language version of the JASON XV curriculum and a JASON Aquatic Field Study Kit, which includes all equipment needed to conduct field studies for 30 student, are also available.
Few field studies focus on anthelmintic treatment of definitive hosts.
The Field Studies Council run more than 500 courses with weekends starting from pounds 98, including bed and full board.
To gain a national perspective on the problem of gang violence and the various responses in jurisdictions across the Nation, OJP initiated a series of national field studies on gangs and gang violence.
The ACC's bonding/fastening research will explore adhesive types and their application; the design, quality and predictive success of composite joints and connection points; and aging/impact field studies of composite joints.
Phase Two of the project was developed to establish the effectiveness and reliability of the proposed guidelines through field studies at selected sites.
Based on a literature review and field studies in methadone clinics, this project documented a wide range of obstacles to vocational service utilization operating on the clients, program and societal levels.
The company will prioritize the leasing and development of these fields after conducting field studies and securing the necessary funding to proceed.
June 17, 2014 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- The School for Field Studies (SFS), the nation's largest environmental study abroad program for undergraduates, announced today the launch of a new program in Bhutan beginning in September 2015.
Centre s future secured under management of Field Studies Council Scotland.
Some preliminary lab and field studies suggested as adding these microbes to oil wells could release significant amounts of trapped oil in the same way as detergent lifts stains out of clothing.