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an imaginary line in a field of force

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When field lines snap apart and reconnect, charged particles are sent soaring into space at nearly the speed of light, roughly 186,000 miles a second.
In these places, the magnetic field lines can continuously reconnect while slipping and flipping around each other.
The Voyager team infers this region is still inside our solar bubble because the direction of the magnetic field lines has not changed.
The details about the changes in the magnetic field lines will give more clues about our solar system and the Universe.
Scientists have not found a matching footprint at the southern end of the magnetic field line.
The reason we care is that whenever the number of rings of field lines around the conductor changes, a voltage is created/induced.
Small particulates tend to move along the electrical field lines and be deposited on people and objects.
When viewed in extreme ultraviolet light, magnetic field lines are revealed by charged particles that travel along them.
He said that in describing on a fine scale how magnetic field lines from the Sun and magnetic field lines from interstellar space can connect to each other, they conclude Voyager 1 has been detecting the interstellar magnetic field since July 27, 2012.
The region of detected [beta]-decay events is defined by the intersection of the neutron beam with the magnetic field lines that go through the electron detector.
Near the moon, the craft detected oscillations at the exact frequency expected from ionized water molecules gyrating along magnetic field lines.
1 At the beginning of the solar cycle, the sun's magnetic field lines run directly from one pole to the other.
WASHINGTON (CyHAN)- A large active region sported tall coils of magnetic field lines that stretched many times the size of Earth above the Sun (Jan.
The bubbles are created when magnetic field lines reorganize.