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an officer holding the rank of major or lieutenant colonel or colonel

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Cadets are given joint awareness courses, field grade officers (those in grades O-4, O-5, or O-6) attend joint courses that last from 10 to 40 weeks, and new general and flag officers attend a 55-week joint program.
Attributes most important to field grade officers differed slightly.
Company and field grade officers are assigned in a similar manner; however, after 1 year in a position or based on the internal operational needs of that installation, each subsequent duty position for that officer is managed internally by the commander.
3) In fact, the low retention rate in the JAG Corps meant that it had a deficit of almost forty-five percent in field grade officers in the late 1960s and early 1970s.
The villains are, if anyone, not the Taliban, but the field grade officers at battalion, brigade, and presumably higher headquarters.
The team then applies these strategies to the full spectrum of assignment actions for officer accessions for company field grade officers.
In the Army, the O-4 field grade officers are majors and the Navy's O-4 field grade is lieutenant commander.
Coots pinned and formally welcomed them from company grade to field grade officers.
In addition, though most of the authors are field grade officers, a young second lieutenant who is not yet an official member of our Corps authored the leading piece.
The brigade is versatile and can be augmented with field grade officers for advisory missions, he says.
One of the highlights of this job has been meeting with small groups of service men and women--from junior enlisted to company and field grade officers, from active duty to guard and reserves--without their chain of command present.
Senior NCOs and field grade officers will soon be required to take up a new language as part of their professional military training.
I will appoint a SRAO as my representative in each region to coordinate and work with our acquisition leaders to ensure solid rotation plans to develop our junior and field grade officers.
Ask commanders about it, and they will be the first to point out the lack of officers, especially field grade officers.
These military rebellions are the focus of Norden's study, and she concludes that, "the leaders of these rebellions had no intention of overthrowing the government" These were not the standard Latin American coups planned by field grade officers in the nation's Defense Ministry.