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regulation began with the Field Code, which brought the 1816 Swiss oath,
129) The Field Code is famous for its provisions governing
The Field Code stated the same truth and reasonableness duties to the
key difference in content between the Field Code and the Swiss oath was
The Field Code had a significant impact on American legal ethics.
Second, it reinforces the implication, already evident in the Act's language, that Congress looked to the Field Code and New York law for its definition of extortion.
New York adopted most of the Field Code in 1881, and the legislature further defined official right extortion.
In a note under its definition, the Field Code pointed to an 1827 case to illustrate the crime.
Without additional commentary by the Field Code, Whaley's significance can only be inferred.
184) The Field Code stated the duty affirmatively and subjected all claims and defenses, except criminal defenses, to the just standard.
Others, such as Arizona, (239) California, (240) Minnesota, (241) Michigan, (242) and Nebraska, (243) contain a statutory just-cause duty similar to the original Field Code version.
264) Thus, unlike the traditional just-cause duty of the Field Code, Model Rule 1.
In practice, the states have a patchwork of litigation standards that may retain the Model Code emphasis on zealous advocacy, the Field Code just-cause duty, or both.
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