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a piece of land held under the feudal system

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Des le XVIIe siecle, les autorites en presence, en particulier la Compagnie des Cent-Associes, dotent genereusement en fiefs les principales communautes et institutions religieuses (7) de la colonie (8).
fiefs (FEEFS): the estates of feudal lords in the Middle Ages.
Five of the fiefs, Penrice, Port Eynon, Oxwich, Nicholaston and Penmaen plus the Lord's manor of Pennard, stood apart from the others in that documentary evidence suggests they were colonised by people from the south-west of England.
To begin, Carroll offers important observations regarding the patterns of landholding, above all possession of fiefs and benefices, and how they molded participation in the Guise association.
Reynolds, Fiefs and Vassals: The Medieval Evidence Reinterpreted (Oxford, 1994).
In the election campaign, he used the institutions of government and the mass media as if they were his personal fiefs.
Dans les fiefs de Mutakura et Cibitoke, desertes, l'on recense chaque jour plusieurs morts.
UNREST seems to be growing among people in Uttar Pradesh due to long power cuts across the state, barring the ruling Samajwadi Party leaders' fiefs Etawah, Mainpuri, Kannauj, Firozabad and Rampur.
Deux jours apres la mort de dizaines de rebelles et plusieurs civils a Treimsa dans le centre du pays, dans ce que l'opposition a qualifie de "massacre", le regime semble determine plus que jamais a ecraser les fiefs rebelles, notamment a Der (sud), berceau de la contestation lancee il y a pres de 16 mois.
Noble mines the papers to develop the world in which they lived, both social and domestic, with a wealth of detail about the members of the household, the people of the surrounding countryside, the interaction of the Stonors with officials and others in positions of power, the complex establishment and function of fiefs, and the impact over time on their lands and powers of the rulers of England.
Sept partis d'opposition ont reclame mardi le report de l'election presidentielle prevue le 11 octobre en Guinee, afin de corriger les [beaucoup moins que] anomalies [beaucoup plus grand que] decelees dans le processus electoral, a lance Aliou Conde, secretaire general de l'Union des forces democratiques de Guinee (UFDG), citant notamment des manquements graves dans les listes d'electeurs et dans la carte electorale jugee [beaucoup moins que] illegale [beaucoup plus grand que] et [beaucoup moins que] favorable aux zones considerees comme des fiefs [beaucoup plus grand que] du RPG Arc-en-ciel, le parti du president sortant, Alpha Conde, candidat a sa succession.
In any case the culture of dynastic politics is deeply rooted in Rajasthan, across political spectrum; 11 of the 25 Lok Sabha constituencies of Rajasthan have 13 such candidates who are tasked to keep family flag flying in their respective fiefs.
Cette nouvelle tentative de mettre fin a pres de 16 mois de violences intervient au moment oE les combats entre armee et rebelles et les bombardements violents de fiefs insurges se poursuivaient sans relache jeudi, au lendemain d'une nouvelle journee sanglante ayant fait pres de 100 morts, en majorite des civils.
Depuis qu'ils ont ete chasses du pouvoir en 2001 par une coalition emmenee par les Etats-Unis, les talibans concentrent leurs attaques dans leurs fiefs du Sud.