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a piece of land held under the feudal system

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Haryana is Chautala land, UP is Mulayam's own fief and Karnataka, the Deve Gowdas'.
Abstract: From the moment the seigneurial system was implemented on Canadian soil, the Catholic Church has established itself as a major player in the ownership of fiefs.
Plus de 30 personnes, en majorite des civils, ont peri dans des raids aeriens de l'armee syrienne sur des fiefs rebelles pres de la ville cotiere de Lattaquie et a Raqa dans le nord du pays, selon une ONG.
Resume: Des l'avenement du regime seigneurial enterre canadienne, I'Eglise catholique s'est imposee comine un acteur incontournable dans la propriete de fiefs.
Contributors comment on specific cases of fiefs, vassals, and landholding agreements as well as the historiography of feudalism.
We don't know what it means to see our world mapped by panpatriothandlers, so we philosophize with Hummers that boomerang back from battles and pass through city streets like ghosts in the night, stealthy port-o-bunkers relieving the waste of misspent complaints, tinted urinational fiefs that make military might right, bond us to horrors we can't see.
There are four distinct institutional types--markets, bureaucracies, fiefs and clans--associated with different types of informational complexity, necessitating different informational strategies.
FROM NORTH, South, East and West, there are more fiefs and traditions that unite rather than divide people, especially around the meaning of Christmas.
Under England's feudal system, kings award wealthy nobles like Mary's father their own stretches of land, known as fiefs.
Just as the mass media admired its reflection in Pop's mirror, so corporate America found its taste met by Color Field abstraction, which soon "blazoned the walls of banks, boardrooms, and those corporate fiefs, the museums.
As is well known, these fiefs were allotments granted by the royal administration to soldiers in return for their military service as archers.
To begin, Carroll offers important observations regarding the patterns of landholding, above all possession of fiefs and benefices, and how they molded participation in the Guise association.
In the election campaign, he used the institutions of government and the mass media as if they were his personal fiefs.
For firms whose internal cultures and processes positioned them predominantly in fiefs and clans, then, the only prescription on offer was to move up the C-space towards greater codification, where management science or conventional economic analysis could then be of service.