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the domain controlled by a feudal lord

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an organization that is controlled by a dominant person or group

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When our leadership and media clamour so much for democracy in Pakistan, they in fact are supporting fiefdoms in Pakistan.
I had little hopes of finding anyone who could successfully run this office and bring the 21 fiefdoms into a coordinated system while managing the politics of our legislature and governor's office.
A rising cadre of dancers found itself in the spotlight more often than in previous seasons, and other performers, some of them veterans, finally established their own fiefdoms.
UMKC units voluntarily reallocated their budgets as a community rather than competing fiefdoms, maintaining funding for breakthrough projects and keeping faith with our vision and values.
A variation on this is the boss who brings in an outsider to dismantle her subordinates' fiefdoms.
I often wonder if job descriptions or control and separation of tasks into fiefdoms may have created the milieu in which people became uncertain about their work identity in midlife.
Major cities are now warlords' fiefdoms, and the idea of a broad-based government is being challenged by hastily multiplying posters of factional leaders.
Siad Barre in 1991, when rival faction leaders turned against each other, dividing the country into clan-based fiefdoms.
How else can Latin American airlines find ample funds without becoming pawns to family fiefdoms or absentee foreign owners?
London's financial centre traditionally consists of enclosed, private fiefdoms, while the speculative block usually contains very little social space outside the standard floorplates.
Although this kind of education was appropriate for autocratic kingdoms, empires, and feudal fiefdoms that were constantly at war, it is not appropriate for a democratic and more peaceful society.
The immediate impact of the digitalization of the human economic is to increase the wealth and power of the realigning media/computer industrial fiefdoms, rendering the "power of the people" obsolete via a strategy of replacement and globalization.
Rather than European communication fiefdoms, corporations will develop pan-European networks--common programs and strategies shared by national departments, each of which has a commitment to a pan-European strategy and an understanding of local needs which allow them to tailor the strategy to work in the local environment.
Publishing is no longer a world of little fiefdoms," said Brett Phillips, senior adviser of publishing for the Telework Consortium, and previous owner of Amendment One publishing in Leesburg, Va.