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popular United States conductor (1894-1979)

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If we are to believe that Sonic and Sodexho had no agreement as Rainbolt implies, then we must believe that Hudson and Sodexho executives have lied in their subsequent public statements and correspondence on the matter," Fiedler said.
Fiedler has heard about some "middle-level execs rumbling over sour grapes" when it comes to bringing a person back on to the staff.
Fiedler called for the independent directors of Sonic to establish a special committee of the Board and retain outside counsel to investigate Hudson's conflicting business and political interests.
Ziff credited Fiedler for "directing people to my firm.
Today, Fiedler addresses the Silicon Valley Bank Tech Investors Forum (Sept.
The pivotal issue for me is the complete lack of sophisticated leadership in terms of those people who are looking to run for office,'' said Fiedler, a Republican.
In a statement from redhot, the designer and licensee of the brand Deadliest Catch, they noted they are excited to have Fiedler on board and they see great potential in a short term through his sales efforts.
Nelson was stunned because she viewed the 53-year-old Knight as a father figure and had never been interested in starting a relationship, Fiedler said.
Germany Ambassador to South Sudan, Anke Fiedler, addressing journalists and expert in Juba, 11 December 2012 (ST)
Peter Fiedler, Studien zur biblischen Grundlegung des christlich-judischen Verhaltnisses.
At the heart of the disavowal, says Fiedler, is a regressive, "implacable nostalgia for the infantile" (144), the (white) American dream of boyhood, of "good clean fun" and "self-congratulatory buddy-buddiness" (144).
This could replace, to a large extent, animal trials," Fiedler said.
We salute Boy Scout Nathaniel Fiedler of Leominster, whose recently completed Eagle project was a kiosk that posts a map and directory of the Veterans Memorial Bricks lining the paths of Carter Park in Leominster.
In her new exhibition, "Double," Diana Fiedler returned to that utopian statement by covertly acknowledging the gallery's specific history--an institution devoted to international tendencies in contemporary art such as neo-Constructivism, Minimalism, and Conceptual art.
But one likely pathway for urinary peptidomics is set out in the paper by Fiedler et al.