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relating to or of the nature of a legal trust (i.e. the holding of something in trust for another)


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208) The second is the fiduciary relationship that arises between a
IOB said that the information and details of the top 20 NPA borrower accounts with various details as to the property secured for the loans or credit limits sanctioned and value of such properties formed the commercial confidence and is held in fiduciary relationship.
The "hallmark" of a fiduciary relationship is an altruistic duty requiring the fiduciary to be loyal to her beneficiary.
In most cases, where we rely on another person to represent us or to take tare of our person or property, we do so within a fiduciary relationship.
common law context, a fiduciary relationship was one in which a trustee
Because FAC was not negligent and not in a fiduciary relationship with QCI, the Court of Appeal found QCI's claim that FAC committed insurance agent malpractice unsustainable.
The switching of roles did not end the fiduciary relationship established when the defendants were brokering the loan; this fiduciary relationship "did not cease to exist once they brokered the deal to themselves," the Swayne opinion states.
The fiduciary relationship alleged in Detwiler originated in a contractual relationship, thus making the outcome explainable by the absence of breach.
preexisting fiduciary relationship, it appears, is not required,
Breen submitted that her right to access her medical records arose primarily from four grounds: (a) a patient's proprietary interest in their information; (b) an implied term in the healthcare contract; (c) a fiduciary relationship between doctor and patient; and (d) a general "right to know".
Leaving assets directly to a trust creates a fiduciary relationship between the trustee and the beneficiary.
Successful, and well-intentioned, real estate brokers long to establish a trusting, symbiotic and fiduciary relationship with their clients.
That the lawyer stands in a fiduciary relationship to the client is not in doubt.
Aside from the trust account matter, Coleman said the committee is looking at whether CSF coverage should be expanded to cover those with whom an attorney had only a fiduciary relationship.