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Synonyms for fiduciary

relating to or of the nature of a legal trust (i.e. the holding of something in trust for another)


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We understand employees desire secure retirement income options from their workplace savings plan, but unfortunately many plan sponsors are concerned about taking on the fiduciary responsibility associated with offering these options within their plans," said William Marshall, Managing Director, Defined Contribution at AB.
The AIF[R] designation signifies knowledge of fiduciary responsibility and the ability to implement policies and procedures that meet a defined standard of care.
The complainant, a condo owner whose main residence is in another state, alleged negligence and lack of fiduciary responsibility on the part of the CPM Member whose firm managed his property.
Volunteers on association governing bodies, such as the AICPA or state CPA societies, have a fiduciary responsibility to association members.
If a person has the ability to name a plan trustee, for instance, they have fiduciary responsibility.
Ethically responsible management of conflicts of interest keeps fiduciary responsibility to patients the primary consideration and motivation for clinical judgments and decision making.
Since 1962, JBG has built numerous long-term relationships with high-profile owners, partners and lenders, as well as impeccable reputation for integrity, discretion and fiduciary responsibility.
In addition to this, the federal government accepts the fiduciary responsibility for Indians on lands reserved for Indians.
If you board members authorize the superintendent to negotiate and execute the final contract with a sectarian school and award money to fund public school children's education at such an establishment, that action will surely call into serious question your fiduciary responsibility to the public," Coffelt told the board.
When confronted with a takeover attempt, a target corporation's board of directors must evaluate the tender offer in view of its fiduciary responsibility to shareholders.
one of the top financial planning firms in Philadelphia, is pleased to announce that Richard Busillo, President, has been awarded the Accredited Investment Fiduciary[R] (AIF[R]) designation from Fiduciary360 (fi360), an organization offering training, tools and resources to promote a culture of fiduciary responsibility and improve the decision making processes of fiduciaries.
law firm that focuses exclusively on employee benefits issues, announced that David Kaleda has joined the firm's Fiduciary Responsibility group.
The trustee argued that he had met the requirement because his fiduciary responsibility obligated him to hire an investment adviser where individuals are not obligated to do so.
The words of the ERISA statute, and its purpose of assuring that people who have practical control over an ERISA plan's money have fiduciary responsibility to the plan's beneficiaries, require that a person with the authority to direct payment of a plan's money be deemed a fiduciary.
I think you have a fiduciary responsibility to the public to put it out there and see what we get.