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relating to or of the nature of a legal trust (i.e. the holding of something in trust for another)


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Primary services include management of fiduciary responsibilities, investment monitoring/ evaluation and cost containment of plan operating fees.
Tracking stocks impose additional fiduciary responsibilities on corporate officers and boards of directors, incite internal turf battles, create cost allocation issues and, worst of all, are under federal scrutiny as a tax avoidance scheme.
With its focus in the small employer retirement plan market, Securian provides several services aimed at helping plan sponsors carry out their fiduciary responsibilities as required by federal law.
The changing legislative and regulatory landscape surrounding the defined contribution industry means financial advisors and plan sponsors must continually make sense of new information while striving to fulfill their fiduciary responsibilities," said Roger Gray, Head of Relationship Management for DWS Scudder Retirement Services.
And that is those who serve an insured financial institution, whether they are management, directors or service providers such as lawyers and accountants, must not ignore their fiduciary responsibilities and professional principles.
This newly adopted rights plan policy provides that in the future the Board will only adopt a stockholder rights plan if approved by the Company's stockholders or if the Board, in the exercise of its fiduciary responsibilities, determines that the adoption of a rights plan without delay is in the best interest of the Company's stockholders.
For the trustee--normally the surviving spouse--there is a breach of fiduciary responsibilities to the trust beneficiaries.
This 'Beyond Compliance' approach allows executives to proactively address regulatory issues and fiduciary responsibilities with programs that measurably increase revenues.
Issues that CPAs or attorneys may need to familiarize themselves with when working with an aging clientele include financial issues, such as Medi-Cal planning, estate planning, long-term care and retirement plan distribution strategy; legal issues, such as fiduciary responsibilities and elder abuse; and medical and psychosocial issues.
Many donors who have not been educated on their fiduciary responsibilities seem to take a cavalier attitude toward required income distributions.
Most importantly, Life-Exchange's real time auction will help both Brokers and Providers fulfill their fiduciary responsibilities in a compliant regulatory environment.