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bowed stringed instrument that is the highest member of the violin family

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Municipal bands, imported (mainly German) music teachers, and the late nineteenth-/early twentieth-century popularity of pianos and printed sheet music contributed to musical literacy and were also important factors in the local fiddle styles.
In "Big Fun Easy Fiddle Book", author and veteran music educator Larry McCabe draws upon his more than 30 years of experience and expertise to create a thoroughly 'user friendly' beginner's instruction manual that will enable anyone to learn how to paly traditional fiddle styles.
Some of today's best alternative string players and teachers demonstrate rock, jazz and fiddle styles on the strings for fellow violinists to appreciate, in Alternative Strings: The New Curriculum by Julie Lyon Lieberman (1574670891, $24.
I found her case for the importance of physical boundaries, mountain ranges, rivers, and valleys, in the development of a variety of fiddle styles within the state so compelling that I wish a physical map had also been included.
Acadian traditional music combines songs brought over from France with the infectious, high-energy fiddle styles from Scotland and Ireland, mingled with driving piano, and occasional brass, accompaniment and any percussion instrument imaginable including dancing feet and even the sound produced by sawing a log