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His high energy singing and fiddle playing, backed by a superb band, had everyone on their feet and jigging after the rain.
Fiddle playing Helen is now doing dates all over the country as well as in England.
The relative flowering of Wine's fiddle playing in his later years, when he was persuaded to start performing again at folk music revivals, suggests that the creation of "tradition" is not a simple linear process.
That's 292,000 fiddle playing, jigging Metis, depending of course on how they are defined.
Traditional and bluegrass banjo and fiddle playing competitions still draw the largest numbers of contestants and audience members but every year sees new breakout sessions.
It's been 25 years since I read Laura Ingalls Wilder's Little House books, but they left some indelible technological images: the joys of a father's fiddle playing, the advantages of blindness (you can sew when it gets dark), the preservation and uses of a slaughtered hog, the economic triumph represented by glass window panes.
Meanwhile, Dunne has toured extensively on the worldwide stage and won acclaim for both her beautiful and interpretive singing voice and proficient fiddle playing steeped in Irish tradition as well as classical training.
He was an honorary member of Abingdon Traditional Morris Dancers, Greensleeves Morris Men, and Wath Morris Men, the latter in recognition of his help in getting the side started--and they still remember his fiddle playing.
The boy/girl duo Skylark Song arrived down from Tyneside and found plenty of friends for their blues and folk featuring lovely harmonies, great acoustic guitar work and soothing fiddle playing.
GRAMMY Award winning folk stars BeauSoleil avec Michael Doucet make some of the most potent and popular Cajun music on the planet, driven by bandleader Michael Doucet's spellbinding fiddle playing and soulful vocals.
Although James was classically trained (her mother was also a violinist), she was inspired by the 40s era Texas swing of Bob Wills & His Texas Playboys and in particular, the fiddle playing of Johnny Gimble.
FIDDLE playing vituoso, Peter Knight, brings his band Gigspanner to Alexander's Jazz Theatre, Chester next week.
More specifically, the UO has taken over the Oregon Folklife Network, which under its previous name - the Oregon Folklife Program - bounced around from one agency to another over the years while it tried to help preserve and maintain traditional folk arts practiced in the state, from Irish fiddle playing to maritime storytelling on the coast.
Birmingham's Urban Folk Quartet perform at Leamington's Royal Spa Centre, featuring stunning fiddle playing by Joe Broughton and Paloma Trigas, accomplished guitarwork by Frank Moon and versatile percussion by Tom Chapman.