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a musician who plays the violin

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Not only will you be able to hear some of the greatest fiddle players, there will be groups playing on the various stages during the day.
Matilda is eight, she's a little fiddle player and doing her grade one very soon and Oscar is seven, and he'll probably play something in the future," he says.
He also dedicated many hours playing in seniors centers and helping burgeoning fiddle players work on their contest pieces.
So, if you are a fiddle player of any standard there are numerous tutorial options during the weekend.
Many traditional fiddle players, Baldwin included, were recorded towards the end of their life.
And the programme features part of a 1980-81 documentary about Co Leitrim, which features the sculptor of flute player John McKenna's statue, a local stone mason and fiddle player Jim Joe McKiernan.
MUSIC: Feast of Fiddles is an 11- piece show band with six of the best fiddle players in the country, including Ian Cutler, Tom Leary and Chris Leslie.
These noble Romans smelled the smoke of recession and immediately hired more fiddle players to drown out the sound of the infrastructure collapsing around them.
Only 29, she is at the top of her profession, reigning not only as a master of jigs, reels and strathspeys but also as one of the hottest young fiddle players, regardless of genre.
She's lapped up lots of different types of music but is still very much from the tradition of great Shetland fiddle players.
This truly international festival also features the extraordinary brothers Ganesh and Kumaresh, who specialise in the Carnatic music of southern India, fast-playing Dutch quartet Zapp4 and the three young fiddle players from Norway, Sweden and Shetland who go under the collective name Nordic Fiddlers Bloc.
He first picked up the instrument at the age of nine and is heavily influenced by the great Canadian fiddle players Al Cherny and Ned Landry.
I found out they had virtually no fiddle players in Iceland, only violin players, so I thought 'that's it, I'm going to move up there and introduce the fiddle to these people.
Following some slightly cringe-worthy carol singing, the ex-Fairground Attraction singer then had the audacity to play air-fiddle alongside John McCusker, one of the best fiddle players in the world.
One of the foremost fiddle players in Tyneside during the mid-1800s, James Hill was renowned for his tunes, particularly his hornpipes.