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a musician who plays the violin

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There are three photos together, Nathan Milstein is alongside another fiddle player Jascha Heifetz who is my complete hero in every way and another fiddle player called Hugh Bean, who used to lead the Philharmonia Orchestra when I was in it," Nick says.
His predilection for hornpipes is fairly typical of an English fiddle player.
And the programme features part of a 1980-81 documentary about Co Leitrim, which features the sculptor of flute player John McKenna's statue, a local stone mason and fiddle player Jim Joe McKiernan.
Natalie MacMaster is one of the hottest young fiddle players, regardless of genre.
Recently she's been working with accordionist Ian Lowthian and Norwegian fiddle player Annbjorg Lien, but her collaboration with Savourna is sure to bring her to a wider audience.
I found out they had virtually no fiddle players in Iceland, only violin players, so I thought 'that's it, I'm going to move up there and introduce the fiddle to these people.
Following some slightly cringe-worthy carol singing, the ex-Fairground Attraction singer then had the audacity to play air-fiddle alongside John McCusker, one of the best fiddle players in the world.
One of the foremost fiddle players in Tyneside during the mid-1800s, James Hill was renowned for his tunes, particularly his hornpipes.
Celtic fiddle players will gather in Pembrokeshire during the festival's opening weekend where they will be taking part in a series of workshops and then competing against each other.
The three-day bash saw one of the best line-ups of fiddle players ever assembled in the UK and gave musicians of all ages and abilities the chance to improve their playing in workshops, as well as playing together in yesterday afternoon's The Big Fiddle.
Buckley is fortunate to have one of the best bands in the country which includes in it's line-up one of the best fiddle players in the business, Charlie Arkins.
Granit are fiddle players Karin Hellqvist, 20,Stina Hellqvist,18,and Hanna Lindblom,19,and viola player Olof Ander,19,and guitarist and harmonica player Magnus Zetterlund, 23.
He'd go into a bar or a gas station and begin chatting with people, asking if there were any good fiddle players or guitar players or singers in the area.
Tomorrow sees one of Ireland's leading fiddle players, Paddy Glackin, in Hall Two at 12.
MacCorquodale, who runs a successful lobster fishing firm, is one of the country's leading accordion and fiddle players.