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a musician who plays the violin

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A five-string fiddle player and composer who is influenced in equal part by Neil Young and Stuart Duncan, (Sedelmyer's) unique and progressive improvisational ideas, technical facility and ardent musicianship have garnered him a strong reputation in Nashville, where he now makes his home," a press release says.
Fiddle player Jane, in general the main 'arranger' of Spiro songs, explains: "Adrian put our music through a moog (analogue synthesizer).
It's of an old Russian American fiddle player called Nathan Milstein who I saw play in London in the '80s.
I'm a singer, a fiddle player, so for me it's all about the melody, but I broadened my mind, wrote chords, expanded my musical horizons so I could do something that someone from the Royal Academy could understand.
AS one third of the Grammy award-winning bluegrass band Nickel Creek, fiddle player Sara Watkins has played on some of America's largest stages and worked with some of country's greatest names - including Dolly Parton and Alison Krauss.
Tom McConville, dubbed The Newcastle Fiddle Player, won the BBC Radio 2 Folk Awards Musician of the Year category in 2009.
Other times, they were called upon to perform manual labour u as when two girls held a gigantic bow above their heads, against which the fiddle player Dejan Sparavalo energetically rubbed the strings of his instrument.
In addition I was pleased to note the name of the fiddle player, Sierra Noble, who played the Warrior's Lament from the base of the monument.
His predilection for hornpipes is fairly typical of an English fiddle player.
Since 1998, fiddle player and ethnomusicologist Erynn Marshall has been conducting fieldwork in West Virginia to investigate the interdependence of the state's fiddle and song traditions.
Dylan didn't pay tribute to local son Buck Owens, but he and his five-piece band - the same lineup that backed him during his five-night engagement at the Pantages last March, minus fiddle player Elana Fremerman - did turn the kind of crowd-pleasing show that would have made Owens proud.
Hank walked out with just a guitar, a fiddle player, and a guitar player.
THE Dubliners are officially the world's oldest boy band, according to fiddle player John Sheehan.
When I was in school my favorite professor said, 'Remember, Bill, the better second fiddle you play, the better first fiddle player you sit beside.
28, 1925, when a young announcer on Nashville radio station WSM introduced an 80-year-old fiddle player, Uncle Jimmy Thompson, as the first performer on a new show called "The WSM Barn Dance.