Ficus sycomorus

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thick-branched wide-spreading tree of Africa and adjacent southwestern Asia often buttressed with branches rising from near the ground

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These included Vitex doniana, Aframomum angustifolium, Bridelia scleroneura, Ficus sur and Ficus sycomorus.
Fic AA-24a-07 Moraceae Ficus sycomorus L * W Fruit AA-44-07 Ficus natalensis W Fruit Hochst.
On the other hand the interviewed informants, in the following parenthesis, reported some wild plants with their possible uses as follows: For industry, fuel and windbreaks: Eucalyptus camaldulensis (57%), Tamarix nilotica (55%), Ficus sycomorus (41%), Acacia saligna (19%), Ziziphus spina-christi (17%).
The shikma, which appears in the Bible, is actually a kind of fig tree, Ficus Sycomorus, that is native to the Middle East.