Ficus carica

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Mediterranean tree widely cultivated for its edible fruit

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TOPALAF was prepared by blending the powdered herbs including Tribulus terrestris, root of Orchis mascula, Phoenix dactylifera pollen, Allium ampeloprasum seed, Lepidium sativus seed, Amygdalus communis and Ficus carica.
A survey of the arthropod pests and plant parasitic nematodes associated with commercial figs, Ficus carica (Moraceae), in South Africa.
All samples of dry Ficus carica were spherical in shape, with light brown to dark brown rough surface.
et al" 1964, "Ficus enzymes of Ficus carica and Ficus glabarata lattices" J.
Macrofossil plant remains Sample volume, ml A, 600 B, 400 C, 800 CULTURAL PLANTS Cannabis sativa 1 Fagopyrum esculentum 1 Ficus carica 1 Papaver somniferum 4 2 COLLECTED PLANTS Corylus avellana 1 3 Fragaria vesca 4 79 Humulus lupulus 2 36 Rubus idaeus Yaccinium vitis-idaea 1 Yaccinium sp.
Most are specialty varieties of edible Ficus carica figs.
Paronychia argenta, Plantago coronopus and Polygonum equisetiforme; Digestive system: Ricinus communis, Eucalyptus camaldulensis, Ficus carica and Foeniculum vulgare; Stomach: Paronychia argenta, Cichorium endivia and Lycium schweinfurthii; Inflammation: Eucalyptus camaldulensis and Malva parviflora; Tooth: Tamarix nilotica and Plantago coronopus; Kidney stones: Urtica sp.
At the corner of our garden in Greece a large Ficus carica, the creation they say of Demeter the Goddess of Fertility, is yielding its second crop of the summer.