Ficus bengalensis

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East Indian tree that puts out aerial shoots that grow down into the soil forming additional trunks

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The diets, designated as control (CON) and Ficus bengalensis leaf meal (FBLM), consisted of rice straw (ad libitum), maize green (5 kg) and the respective supplements (Table 1), and fed so as to meet the requirements (Kearl, 1982) for maintenance and milk production.
Ficus bengalensis leaves were harvested in one lot in the month of August from the institute campus.
The present study reveals that Ficus bengalensis leaves could be a potential source of CT.
Ingredients and chemical composition of supplements, Ficus bengalensis leaves and green maize Supplements Ficus (1) bengalensis Maize Rice green straw Constituents CON FBLM Ingredients (kg) Maize grain 30.
Antidiabetic effect of Ficus bengalensis Aerial roots in experimental animals.