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The free radical scavenging action of methanol extracts of plant are in the order as Ficus infectoria > Ficus elastica > Ficus lyrata > Artocarpus lakoocha > Ficus virens > Ficus retusa > Ficus macropyalla (Fig I).
Different populations of Ficus palmata were selected and collected from different localities of Azad Kashmir areas in the 1st week of June when they were fully matured.
Time evolution of the Ficus-Agaoninae association with special reference to section Pharmacosycea and Tetrapus: The age, geographical origin and major periods of diversion of Ficus remain controversial (Lopez-Vaamonde et al.
benjamina in these tests, but was not generally recovered from other Ficus species (Table 1).
Table-4: Metal chelating activity of crude extracts of leaves and bark of Ficus natalensis.
Species group a Phragmites mauritianus Ficus capreifolia MBR Habitat Type 1
Los frutos que fueron consumidos en mayor medida por los murcielagos fueron del genero Ficus, representados por siete morfoespecies (68% de la dieta en las cuatro especies).
Dentro de esta familia, el grupo que aglutina a la mayor parte de las plantas hemiepifitas primarias es el genero Ficus, el cual de las 830 especies registradas presenta 386 especies hemiepifitas, especialmente de habito estrangulador (Putz y Hoolbrok 1986; Berg 1989; Zotz 2013a,b).
A FICUS are incredibly popular indoor plants but even minor changes in temperature, humidity, heat and light can cause them stress.
FICUS HISPIDA (Manipuri--Ashee heibong): Ficus hispida (Manipuri--Ashee heibong) is a shrub or small tree found throughout the state of Manipur.
In southern peninsular Florida, mature ficus trees become heavily laden with pea-sized berries during the summer.