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You'll have the best results by dropping your ficus berry fly directly on top of the waiting fish.
Numerous species of fig wasps have been recorded from the figs of Ficus religiosa in its native range (Wiebes 1967), but only the pollinator, Platyscapa quadraticeps Mayr is recorded as having been introduced elsewhere.
New records of Gynaikothrips uzeli (Zimmerman) (Thysanoptera: Phlaeothripidae) on Ficus benjamina in Texas and O'ahu, Hawaii, USA.
arborea against which the pulp and paper making potentials of some Nigerian species of Ficus was to be examined.
In a traditional environment devoid of man-made wonders such as towers and temples, obelisks, and so forth," writes Nicholls, "a ficus or kapok would stand out and it is not so surprising that these trees were identified as spirit trees.
Tenders are invited for Providing And Displaying Of Different Type Of Ficus Variety Plants Ficus Reasnold Ficus Benjamina Ficus Star Light And Ficus Panda in connection with Mo Different Horticulture Works Under 3 Hd1 Cpwd New Delhi Dg 201516
But few of us have the patience--or time--to wipe each leaf of a Ficus benjamina or similar plant with dozens of small, smooth leaves.
Bamboo palms, ficus trees, lipstick plants, pothos, and Swiss cheese philodendron, to be precise.
The tree limbs, from the zoo's own botanical forest, add to the mulberries, acacia and ficus limbs fed to animals from giraffes to giant elands.
Its 50-percent mesh diffuses the harsh summer sun, making a healthy environment for tender, shade-loving begonias and a Ficus benjamina, as well as hardier azaleas, geraniums, and ivy.
DocuMagix has numerous business partnerships and strategic alliances with companies including Hewlett-Packard, Delrina, Logitech, Visioneer, Pentax, Relisys, Ficus and Scanpaq.
They'll be using plants and flowers such as nasturtiums, philodendrons and ficus trees in their landscaping design.
The other two are a Ficus religiosa in Sri Lanka and a Dragon tree in the Canary Islands, indicating that the World Tree Foundation is already far-flung in its reach.
Ask for a ficus at a plant shop and you'll probably be shown a weeping fig: Ficus benjamina.