Munchausen syndrome

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Synonyms for Munchausen syndrome

syndrome consisting of feigning acute and dramatic illness for which no clinical evidence is ever found

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Drug companies invent fictitious diseases in order to create demand for their high-profit pharmaceuticals.
As ridiculous as these disease names sound," says its creator Mike Adams, "they are no more ridiculous than the fictitious diseases invented by the psychiatry industry in order to sell more mind-altering drugs to people who don't need them.
In route to warding off the creditors the quipsters at Bullfrog keep you in stitches by offering up such fictitious diseases as Hairyitis (the uncontrollable growth of body hair caused by overexposure to the moon), Bloaty Head (an inflated noggin caused by sniffing cheese and drinking unpurified rain water), or King's Complex (the uncontrollable desire to wear suede shoes and eat cheeseburgers caused by the spirit of the King entering the patients mind), just to name a few.
asp) that allows readers to randomly generate their own fictitious diseases, just like the drug companies do