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an imaginary person represented in a work of fiction (play or film or story)

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Interacting with fictional people is a central human cognitive preoccupation, she points out, and at the center of her investigation are the evolved mental mechanisms "that trigger our interest" in other people: "mind reading" or "mentalizing," the capacity to explain people's behavior in terms of their mental states (their beliefs, intentions, and desires).
This is particularly true of the moral dimension of human action: all the varieties of culpability and responsibility that apply to actual people also apply to fictional people.
The defeat of the Arabs of Palestine and the five warrior Arab states in 1948, 1967 and 1973 (this is what Peretz said, word for word) made a fictional people into a political force.
Corpus Christi) examines both historical and fictional people dancing and using and abusing the rules and properties of dance to know themselves and feel incorporated as mobile bodies.
It was one of the most popular things in the magazine," recalled Morin, whose strip featured some of the Miami area's colorful characters as well as fictional people.
She says, 'Some people may need to read fictional people as real people, but I don't.
Using the few facts actually known about Marie, Meyer has created a credible life for her and developed skillfully the characters of the artist himself, his friend Mary Cassatt, and Marie's profligate sister Antoinette, while adding other fictional people to flesh out her historical novel.
My feeling while reading this book was: these fictional people are too beautiful, too wealthy, too talented and too successful for me.
I think real people are always more interesting than fictional people and even the best dramatists can't create anything as fabulous as the women on Wife Swap," says Hugh, who last appeared in the hit sequel Bridget Jones: The Edge Of Reason in 2004.
Rome charts the birth of the Roman Empire from the viewpoints of famous historical characters and ordinary fictional people with all the details coming from archaeological and documented fact.
In addition, the script writer, Daniel Stout, stated that the "fictional group and scenario made reference to fictional people who are against schools.
The Cortinians are a fictional people who exist only as part of the battle scenarios fought at the Joint Readiness Training Center at Fort Polk, La.
Justice Robert Sharpe chastised the Crown for acting as if the Metis were a fictional people and wrote "While I do not doubt there has been considerable uncertainty about the nature and scope of Metis rights, this is hardly a reason to deny their existence.
There are also entries for real and fictional people and, again, 'boxed ent ries' for subjects such as 'revolutions' or 'City nicknames'.
It is, instead, to insist "upon the particular racial identities of her fictional people - black women and men under stresses peculiar to them and their station in the U.