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an imaginary person represented in a work of fiction (play or film or story)

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But it is Dutta's continual use of biographical speculation in her analyses which unfortunately begins to create a fictional monster, or at least a literary lion, out of Hardy's life and works.
The Bikini test also helped create a fictional monster -- Godzilla -- who devastated cities with blasts of radioactive breath.
Yet the same fictional monster, minus soliloquies, has astonished the world.
Lamarque illustrates this use of ~scope' an ~fictional operator' by the following examples: (i) It is fictional that John believes that the monster is attacking New York City; (2) John believes that it is fictional that the monster is attacking New York City; (3) John believes that the fictional monster is attacking New York City.
It was this churchyard, with its splendid sea views, which sparked Bram Stoker to create the setting for his fictional monster.
If you wish to meet a man equally adept at delivering lambs and fictional monsters, he will be in the Books on Tyne spotlight on Saturday at 7.
I found this very hard to believe given the content of the film which contains fictional monsters that, especially in 3D, would scare the living daylights out of anyone under the age of five.
The Dirge Carolers performs with White Chocolate, Hey Now, Morris Fader and the Fictional Monsters Friday at the Lucky Dog Music Hall, 89 Green St.
Old hatreds have been stirred, fictional monsters - every bit as ridiculous as those found in Doctor Who - invented.
Historical surveys of the genre often treat 1960, with its near-simultaneous release of Peeping Tom in the UK and Psycho in America, as the year horror cinema made a crucial break from its reliance on supernatural and science fictional monsters.
The Rhode Island native thought of vampires as most of us do, as fictional monsters from movies, books and television based on legends from Eastern Europe.