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the outer and thinner of the two bones of the human leg between the knee and ankle


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7] Fibular strut graft was harvested from same side of the leg and used in cases where bone loss was more than 6 cm and above.
The condition meant he was missing a fibular bone, his cruciate ligament and one of his toes and has a shorter tibia than in his right leg.
The supramaximal stimulation was done at ankle, above, and below the fibular neck.
5,7) Tibial and fibular nerves are branches of the ischiadic nerve that course along the lateral aspect of the stifle joint and proximal tibiotarsus and fibula.
Bulgular: Cerrahi islemler eksizyon, parsiyel kalinlikta deri greftleri, hemiglossektomiler, radikal boyun nodu diseksiyonlarindan pektoralis major miyokutan veya serbest fibular fleplere degisiklik gostermistir Entubasyon hastalarin %14,7'sinde, tumor veya radyasyon fibrozisiyle ilgili trismus, sinirli boyun hareketliligi ve daha onceden yapilmis ameliyatlardan dolayi zor olarak degerlendirildi.
In total, 88 nerves were operated upon: 19 median, 18 ulnar, 18 radian, 17 fibular, and 16 tibial nerves (both medial plantar and medial calcaneal branches decompressed).
Objective: To highlight the benefits and long term survival of vascularized free fibular graft in the management of avascular necrosis of femoral head and substantiate the fact that it is the best operative treatment modality in younger patients with Ficat Stage III or below.
After discussion at the multi-disciplinary meeting, Mr S was recommended and scheduled for a right hemi-mandibulectomy, selective neck dissection, fibular free flap reconstruction, pectoralis major flap reconstruction and tracheostomy.
1) The PLC is comprised of numerous muscular and ligamentous structures, making this a complex anatomical region, (3) however it is most commonly cited that the 3 primary structures which comprise the PLC are the fibular collateral ligament (FCL), popliteus tendon, and popliteofibular ligament (PFL).
The fibular head receives an artery that branches off the tibiofibular trunk.
Ankle valgus can occur with a number of pediatric conditions that have fibular growth arrest as the primary etiology.
Instead, they ended up disappointing fans by cancelling the show at the 11th-hour citing DJ Air's broken fibular and dislocated ankle as the reason.
Suele encontrarse afectado el sesamoideo medial o tibial, siendo escasas las descripciones que relacionan con esta patologia al sesamoideo lateral o fibular y aun mas infrecuentes los casos de osteonecrosis en ambos sesamoideos.