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1,2) The term "leontiasis ossea" has been generalized to describe the appearance of craniofacial hypertrophy in the setting of many diseases--paget disease, fibrous dysplasia, reactive inflammatory bone disease, renal osteodystrophy--which result in leonine facies.
Histopathological diagnosis is necessary for differential diagnosis from other osteogenic lesions, especially ossifying fibroma and fibrous dysplasia.
Thirty-six patients were diagnosed with fibrous dysplasia, 22 giant cell tumors, 29 unicameral bone cysts, 12 aneurysmal bone cysts, as well as various other pathologies.
25% of Fibrous Dysplasia involves two or more bones.
Condyler hyperplasia, Hemimandibular Hypertrophy and Fibrous Dysplasia were considered in the differential diagnosis.
Fibrous dysplasia (FD), a chronic disease in which fibrous tissue replaces normal bone, was first observed by Lichtenstein in 1938 (1, 2, 3, 4, 5).
On the basis of X-ray and biopsy findings, diagnosis of polyostotic fibrous dysplasia of right upper and lower limb was made.
Fibrous dysplasia (FD) of bone is a rare disease often associated with severe clinical outcome, including bone pain, deformities, and fractures.
Because of this histologic heterogeneity, this tumor can be mistaken for a variety of lesions with potentially overlapping features, including fibrous dysplasia (FD), intraosseous lipoma, nonossifying fibroma, cartilaginous neoplasms, and osteoblastoma.
Our patient was an 11 -year-old male with submandibular cellulitis and a history of fibrous dysplasia (FD) in the mandible.
The three main findings of the disease include hyperpigmented cafe au lait spots, fibrous dysplasia and increased endocrine functions and excessive secretion of growth hormone is observed in 21% of the patients.
These changes can also be seen in fibrous dysplasia, hyperparathyroidism, giant-cell tumor, and infantile cortical hyperostosis.
By contrast, fibrous dysplasia is characterised by fibrous stroma with loose myxomatous areas, a good blood supply, feathery irregular-shaped trabeculae of immature "woven" bone ("Chinese character" shapes), and a poorly-defined periphery.
Fibrous dysplasia is grouped under fibro-osseous lesions with developmental anomaly of bone forming mesenchyme that manifests as a defect in osteoblastic differentiation and maturation.
Fibrous dysplasia is a developmental disease of bone typically seen in childhood and adolescence.