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Microscopic features include apical periodontal cysts show a non-keratinized often hyperplastic stratified squamous epithelium lining within a fibrous cyst wall that is in filterated by leukocytes, many also contain cholesterol clefts.
In the first type, luminal unicystic ameloblastoma, the tumor is confined to the luminal surface of the cyst, and the lesion has a fibrous cyst wall, with a lining consisting partially or totally of ameloblastic epithelium.
It turned out I didn't have a fibrous cyst or a blocked duct, I had something called DCIS which sounded harmless enough.
A thin fibrous cyst wall lined by nonkeratinizing flat to cuboidal epithelium of 2 to 4 layers is characteristic.
After a biopsy, the spots were found to be fibrous cysts, not cancer.