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benign tumor containing fibrous tissue (especially in the uterus)

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Millions of women suffer from heavy bleeding, pain and bloating due to fibroids, but prefer to avoid the risks and long recovery of a hysterectomy, so they just endure these debilitating symptoms," said Russ DeLonzor, President and Chief Operating Officer.
Effect of isopropanolic Cimicifuga racemosa extract on uterine fibroids in comparison with tibolone among patients of a recent randomised, double-blind, parallel-controlled study in Chinese women with menopausal symptoms.
In more serious cases women suffering from uterine fibroids have prolonged menstrual periods and unusually excessive monthly bleeding and may also experience pain during sexual intercourse.
Although the overwhelming majority of fibroids are benign, there is no certain way to tell before their removal if they harbor a cancer, which happens in 1 in 400 to 1 in 1,000 cases.
Uterine fibroids occur in 20% to 25% of women by age 40 and in more than 50% of women overall, with African American Women experiencing a higher incidence.
Subjects with sufficient serum levels of the vitamin, which the researchers classified as 20 ng/mL or higher, had a 32% lower risk of having fibroids in comparison with those whose levels were sufficient.
He presented data from an international, phase III, single-arm study evaluating the safety and efficacy of the Acessa system to treat moderate to severe bleeding in 135 consecutive women, ages 30-54 years, with symptomatic fibroids.
Ulipristal acetate versus leuprolide acetate for uterine fibroids.
The research team, led by Cynthia Morton, PhD, BWH director of the Center for Uterine Fibroids and senior study author, analyzed genetic data from over 7,000 white women.
The study, on women who have suffered three or more miscarriages in a row, is the first firm evidence that fibroids are associated with recurrent miscarriage.
There is no clear evidence on whether it is safer to remove intramural fibroids by laparoscopy or by laparotomy.
In line with the social nature of The Fibroids Project, an open call for questions has been issued to women across various social networks (i.
CHICAGO--Women with fibroids have a twofold increased risk of stillbirth, according to a retrospective study of 62,489 pregnancies.
Uterine fibroids (also called uterine fibroid tumors or myoma) are noncancerous growths in the uterus that most often, but not necessarily, develop in women between the ages of 30 and 50.